Tree Planting & Relocation Services

Trees take many many years to grow so if we can move a beautiful tree rather than cut it down – that is what we want to do! A little after care and regular watering will ensure that your tree will rebound quickly to being moved.

We are able to plant & move trees up to 30 feet tall with our larger truck mounted tree spades and smaller trees in baskets for larger mass plantings. Trees can be planted to create a mature yard landscape or privacy shelters to your liking from your own yard or our own tree farms here in Bezanson, Alberta.

Wild West has a number of options when it comes to moving trees. We can move a tree that is may be to close to the fence and place it in a more aesthetically pleasing location or take trees and relocated them into a wind break location or move to build a new house or shop. Whatever the case may be, we have the tools for the job.

Tree Inventory

White spruce, Lodgepole pine, Douglas Fir, and Norway spruce are some of the larger trees that we have available up to 30 feet in height. These trees make quick work of creating an instant mature landscape for an acreage or farm with lots of room to maneuver equipment.

Other varieties ready to go this season include trembling aspen, columnar poplar, siberian larch, cut-leaf weeping birch, golden willow, pin-cherry, White Hills Black Spruce, Brandon Elm, Sherbert Chokecherry and northwest poplar. These plantings are currently well suited to 32″ baskets and smaller acreages where there is room for a skid steer to drill holes and place trees.

Our orchard has many other species that are up and coming for 2022.

Tree Care & Maintenance

Planting trees is best suited in the spring and fall season, before or after the seasons growth.  A little bit of bone meal to encourage root development and plenty of water are key to ensuring the survival of your tree.

Trees require 5 gallons of water per foot per week! However most trees will not tolerate sitting in water, so be sure to select a location that has good drainage.

Wild West has moved hundreds of trees in the Grande Prairie region. Trees are typically very hardy and sometime take a little time to adapt to their changes but regular watering is the key to your trees survival.