07 Apr 2019

Instantly transform your yard, provide privacy, shelter from the wind and beauty to your landscape. Our truck mounted spades come in 64″, 80″ and 100″ to transport and plant mature trees with a larger portion of their root system which provides better survival and uninterrupted growth.  

20 Aug 2016

Check out our equipment for large scale tree planting! Wild West Tree Wranglers can handle tree planing and relocation in 32″, 44″ baskets or 65″ and 80″ spaded truck mounted pods. Basketed trees can be moved by truck and trailer, larger pods must be transported individually by truck and or truck and tree pod. This […]

10 Jun 2016

Each year we plant new seedlings ¬†from our wholesale nursery for the upcoming years plantings. Our selection process is aimed at selecting those seedlings that are hardy to the area as well as those most requested items from clients. Of course we support our hard working community youth earn a little extra money helping plant […]