With 25 years experience in all faucets of the construction industry, we work under tight deadlines and under appropriate safety requirements. Wild West is able to work on an hourly or bid basis to meet the needs of your business goals.


Designing your own custom yard – no problem! Wild West can help clear your lot, create a driveway, building pad or basement – all with proper drainage. Once your building project is complete we can help establish a rough yard grade, ponds and plant mature trees to finish up the project


Wild West Ventures is safety certified and all of our staff has specific safety training for oilfield sites and operate our equipment safety.

We are able to complete jobs including oilfield road and leases, road-side mulching, road access, road maintenance and snow removal. In addition, Wild West Ventures can provide tree removal, relocation and planting services for oil companies client care needs.


Wild West is able to cater to the needs of local farmers;

Fence line clearing, cattle water dugouts, irrigation ponds, coral clearing, shop pads, basements, dirt and gravel roads and driveways. Call for more details!