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Heights available for sale: 8’ in baskets and 20-30’ with a truck-mounted spade

Scots Pine is a hardy zone 2, adaptable evergreen. Scots Pine prefers dry to average moisture levels with very well-drained soil and has a good tolerance for clay soils and for drought.  The Scots pine will tolerate almost any type of poor soil, which makes it valuable in land reclamation projects.

This large tree is sometimes planted as a specimen in large landscapes and public parks, but it is more often used to form windbreak or screens on farms or in large rural landscapes. It is not the best tree for ordinary residential landscapes due to its large size, but it is sometimes planted where soils are very difficult. Scots Pine is also occasionally used as a Christmas tree variety.

Wild West Tree Variety Scotch Pine
Ideal Conditions Dry to Normal, Full Sun, well-drained soil
Life Span 150 + years
Details Shelterbelts and Windbreaks. Medium growth, orange bark
Width at maturity 16’, Plant 10-12’ apart, 16’ b/w rows
Ease Low Maintenance
Suckering None
Tree Height at Maturity 49’

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