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Lodgepole Pine


Heights Available for sale: 25-30’ (2020)

Lodgepole Pine is a tall narrow tree with a long straight trunk. It is a tidy tree that doesn’t drop cones and is good for growing near decks and planted in groups.

Lodgepole Pine is a highly adaptable tree that can grow in all sorts of environments, from water-logged bogs (Grows well in moist areas) to dry sandy soils. Rated Zone 1.




Wild West Tree Variety: Lodgepole Pine
Ideal Conditions: Wet to dry, Full Sun
Life Span: 150 + years
Details: Use for Privacy and Shelter
Width at maturity: 20’, plant 10-12’ apart 16’ b/w rows
Ease: Low Maintenance
Suckering: None
Tree Height at Maturity: 98’


If you are interested in more information please contact Julie at 780-512-9226

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