Wild West employees can utilize these links to obtain client safety orientation required to be onsite.  Orientations consist of a video learning session followed by a multiple choice quiz. You can expect each orientation to take about a half hour to complete. After completion of orientation training please be sure to print your certificate for your records and forward to safety@wildwestventures.ca . If any of these links do not work please contact Katherine Cissell right away 780-832-8033

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

  1. Portal:  https://cnrlcontractor.icomproductions.ca
  2. You will need to register and then click on the Conventional section, then search for CTF-0000366 Safety Orientation – Conventional Thermal
  3. It will take you about 45 min.
  4. When done select close course, then select the Certificates in the top menu and you will see the option to print your orientation there.

(Mar 2022)


  1. Goto the Encana orientation portal at “Orientations for Service Providers Canada
  2. Login or Register
  3. Navigate to the course 4641; General Safety Orientation for Service Providers


Surge Energy

  1. Contact Monty for orientation booklet.


TAQA North

  1. Go to https://new.complyworks.com/orientation.php
  2. Enter in First and Last name and email address, Orientation Code:  HARWLP
  3. After course completion be sure to print off copies of orientation certificate BEFORE CLICKING ‘I AGREE’ 

Tidewater Midstream & Infrastructure

  1. Contact Katherine to register you for online training on ISN 780-832-8033

(Aug 2022)

WhiteCap Resources

  • Access Code: This unique code enables your company’s individuals to complete the orientation on their own. In order for anyone to complete the orientation simply pass along the applicable code and these instructions:
    1. Go to www.complyworks.com and click on Orientations
    2. Enter the applicable information: First Name, Last Name, the individual’s own Email address and the code. (CODE:   XPSWMK)
    3. Click Next, and you will be taken into the orientation.
  • Complete: The Administrator of this subscription must complete the orientation in order to mark this orientation as complete.

1. Notify Katherine that you need your orientation on complyworks verified.

(May 2022)