Where do I find training for eGSO and PST?

eGSO, PST and BSO were general orientations offered before 2018/2019 for workers in the oil & gas industry. A Common Safety Orientation (CSO) is the current oil and gas orientation offered by Energy Safety Canada.

I can’t register for ASCA courses, what do I do?

Before signing up for a course offered by ACSA you will be asked to register. At the bottom of the registration form are two mandatory items

  1. Division – Type “West West” in the Title field and hit “Search”. Select “Wild West Dirt Works Ltd.” from the list
  2. Location – Select “Alberta”

If you do not complete these items you will not be able to register.

What is my password?

Wild West administration does not have access to your usernames and passwords. If you forget what they are, use the forgot my password option to recover or reset your password.